Experience the power of Maxima racing oils. Our high-performance fluids are specifically designed for racing and deliver unbeatable results. From 2- and 4-stroke engines to transmissions and brakes, we have the right oil for all your racing needs. Order now through JJ Motorsports and enjoy fast shipping and low prices.

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Maxima Racing Lubricants
 Maxima Racing Lubricants is a leading provider of high-performance products designed to meet the demands of the most extreme racing conditions. With decades of experience, Maxima offers a comprehensive range of lubricants and maintenance solutions trusted by professional racers and enthusiasts worldwide.


 Maxima Racing Brake Fluid
 Maxima Racing Brake Fluid is engineered to provide superior performance under extreme conditions. It has a high boiling point to ensure consistent braking performance and prevent vapor lock. This fluid is ideal for both high-speed racing and everyday driving, offering excellent protection against corrosion and wear.


 Maxima Castor 927
 Maxima Castor 927 is a unique blend of highly refined castor oil and synthetic lubricants, providing maximum performance and protection for your engine. It delivers exceptional film strength and load-carrying properties, making it perfect for high-RPM racing applications. Its distinctive formula ensures clean burning and reduces carbon deposits.


 Maxima Fork Fluids
 Maxima Fork Fluids are designed to provide consistent damping performance in all types of riding conditions. Available in various viscosities, these fluids offer excellent anti-foaming and anti-fade properties, ensuring smooth and predictable fork response. They help extend the life of fork components while maintaining optimal performance.


 Maxima Racing Engine Oils
 Maxima Racing Engine Oils are formulated to deliver maximum protection and performance for high-stress racing engines. These oils feature advanced additives for enhanced wear protection, reduced friction, and improved thermal stability. Suitable for a wide range of racing environments, they help maintain engine reliability and efficiency.


 Maxima SC1
 Maxima SC1 is a high-gloss coating specifically formulated to protect and enhance the appearance of your vehicle. It leaves a durable, water-resistant finish that helps repel dirt and debris, making cleaning easier. SC1 is safe for use on plastic, vinyl, rubber, and painted surfaces, providing a showroom-quality shine.


 Maxima Grease
 Maxima Grease is a multi-purpose lubricant suitable for a variety of applications. It offers excellent water resistance, high-temperature stability, and superior wear protection. This grease ensures long-lasting lubrication for bearings, pivots, and other critical components, keeping them running smoothly under extreme conditions.

Some parts are not legal for use in California or other states with similar laws / regulations